Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Smell Something Fishy...

I made salmon tonight thanks to a wonderful recipe my mom sent me, and I have a few more recipes to try out as well. But this first one was the bomb! Here's how much the bomb it was-- my husband who doesn't eat ANYTHING but red meat, bread, and french fries, ate the whole entire thing. I was so proud of him! It was yummmm-EE!

And speaking of smelly things.

So this morning, I'm walking over to the window to take in the beautiful view of the football field and surrounding neighborhood I have from my classroom. The kids were quietly listening to the morning announcements. I stop by the window and breathe in the morning air. Except **choke**. Whoa. What is that pungent aroma swirling around my head? One more sniff.

Weed. Somebody lit up before they came to school today. I step closer to the little guy in the black sweatshirt on the 3rd row. **Whiiiifff** Good Lord!

Melvin, I need to see you outside.

What, miss?

Melvin, I don't know if you're smoking or if you're just around people who are smoking before school. Either way, don't ever come to my class smelling like weed again. Capiche?

What, miss? It's cologne. I just put it on.

Melvin. Don't. Do it. Again.

Normally, I don't make a habit of smelling my kids in class, but I'm thinking I should start. I can't even imagine smoking weed before going to school. Do people really ever get the urge to smoke at 7 a.m.? I mean, doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose of waking up in the first place? Strange. I don't understand. Surprisingly enough, this kid has an A in my class. We'll see how long he holds out.


The Panhandleman said...

easing into the day.