Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gimme a (spring) break!

So this week has been boring but restful. The kids came down to stay with us and are going back tomorrow afternoon. It's been like nine solid days of pretty much nothing to do. If you don't take a trip on spring break, what are your options without breaking the bank? It's not like summer where you can just lay out at the pool all day. We did some yard work and some shopping, but not much more. I had good intentions of movies and picnics, but I wasn't greeted with much enthusiasm on the other end, so we opted for just planting ourselves firmly on the couch where we stayed for a number of days...

And being as these are not children BOTH of us have raised since birth, they don't really enjoy seeing public displays of affection between me and the huz. You know, it's just awkward seeing your dad smack the butt of some lady who's not your mom. So that's been kept to a minimum this week as well. But last night was fun. About 11 p.m. Poncho said, I'm gonna go outside and get some fresh air, wanna come? So I put on my hoody, followed him out the door and had the greatest makeout session I've had in a very long time. In the driveway. It was like we were in high school again. (Well, not like WE were in high school together because that never happened-- when he was in high school I was a 3rd grader... but you know what I mean.) Then step daughter comes bounding out the front door, "WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING OUT HERE??!? Busted.

So that was fun. And now I'm excited about March Madness today. I love the excitement of all the games. Most of them come down to the wire and you really see who's prepared more for a championship. Love that stuff!