Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So, it's such an interesting environment at this school...

Granted, I was somewhat sheltered growing up. Private school all the way to my sophomore year of college, but still, we had some total losers in our class.

But today I watched a 10th grade girl tell her teacher she was gonna kick her ass. And I thought some of my kids were bad. None of them has ever threatened me. And I don't really suppose they will-- I'm nearly a foot taller and a person wider than most of them. But still, I guess kids in my high school maybe said those kindsa things to teachers, but not anybody in my class. I can't even imagine saying something like that to anybody who is in a position of authority over me in any situation.

It makes me wonder about these kid's parents. And I know this is a different subject altogether, but I think in some minority cultures (and some more than others) there is a blanket disrespect for education and authority in general. And I almost understand that. Most authority and educational situations have never been great for some groups of people, so why should they respect it? Why should they teach their children to respect it? But still, wouldn't you want your children to have the most and best opportunities possible in life? Do you get that from acting lazy and being disrespectful to the people who can get you there?

Now don't get me wrong. I'm saying this as a blanket statement, but I know for sure there are some families and some parents who take great pride in their children's education. I've only been teaching here for 3 weeks and I've already gotten notes and calls from parents checking up on their kids to make sure they're doing okay in class. That makes my heart happy. But I have to say, these parents, from what I can tell, are the exception to the rule. So these kids who actually make it out, who graduate, who go on to be successful in their lives, I think are really few and far between. And kudos to those who do, because some days this place just seems dismally hopeless. But as teachers, we are eternal optimists. That's what keeps us coming back day after day. Eventually, somebody will have that lightbulb moment. Somebody will get it. And it will make a world of difference.


TableZero said...

I always hated school. :-)