Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Every mother thinks her child is exceptional. Every mom thinks her child is the most special, the cutest, the best. Well- not every mom. (I've been watching too much news lately.) But most do. And I definitely can join the throngs of hyper-caffeinated, eager and endearing mothers who love to proclaim to anyone who will listen how amazing their children are.

Because my child IS amazing!

Here's what I notice about Cash. He is uber attentive. Maybe all babies are and I've just missed it til now. This child will sit and stare at you and watch your mouth move and try to imitate it on his own. He's done this since he was about three months old. You can literally see the wheels turning. He stares intently at his dad's hands as he teaches Cash how to count to five on his fingers- then, on a good day, he'll hold up his tiny eight month old hands and try to make the same motions with his fingers. When he's crawling around the floor he has to inspect objects from every single angle. He pulls up to see what's going on on top, he crawls around the sides, and his favorite thing is to get underneath things to see what the bottom looks like. He loves to explore and is very curious.

I love the way his mind works. He's already getting very smart and I'm so proud of him. And of course, he's got the smile to match his brains! Last night he officially, purposefully said his first word. He's been babbling and making sounds for months- but last night the wheels were turning, I could smell the rubber burning, and he put his sounds together to make an actual word. I couldn't have been more proud!